Subject: Public health risks of proposed 5G rollout in __________ - covering letter


Dear ________,


Please forgive the unsolicited nature of this communication. I am writing as you are a registered elector in ________ Ward / ________ Division of the __________ Constituency, to ask for your help with a campaign being run by the __________ group. We are encouraging local electors to write to their elected government representatives in order to raise awareness of the grave public health threats posed by the proposed rollout of 5G wireless communication technology throughout the United Kingdom.


Following this covering message is a template letter that we are suggesting constituents could send to their elected representatives. If you are able to spare the time to read it and the attached leaflet and maybe watch some of the 5G Crisis Summit documentaries, and having done so feel concerned and wish to help, it would be most effective if you could please:


As mentioned in the message below, the website has links to additional information resources on the Wi-Fi & 5G page.


Elected Members for the Worthing Area


European Parliament

South East England Region

Nigel Farage (Brexit); e-mail:

Catherine Bearder (LibDem); e-mail:

Alexandra Lesley Phillips (Brexit); e-mail:

Alexandra Louise Rosenfield Phillips (Green); e-mail:

Antony Hook (LibDem); e-mail:

Robert Rowland (Brexit); e-mail:

Daniel Hannan (Con); e-mail:

Belinda De Lucy (Brexit); e-mail:

Judith Bunting (LibDem); e-mail:

John Howarth (Lab); e-mail:


Central Government

Worthing West Constituency

Sir Peter Bottomley MP (Con); e-mail:

East Worthing and Shoreham Constituency

Tim Loughton MP (Con); e-mail:


West Sussex County Council


Cllr Elizabeth Sparkes (Con); e-mail:

Durrington & Salvington Division

Cllr Noel Atkins (Con); e-mail:

East Preston & Ferring Division

Cllr Roger Elkins (Con); e-mail:

Goring Division

Cllr Steve Waight (Con); e-mail:

Northbrook Division

Cllr Sean McDonald (Con); e-mail:

Rustington Division

Cllr Daniel Purchese (LibDem); e-mail:

Tarring Division

Cllr Bob Smytherman (LibDem); e-mail:

Worthing East Division

Cllr Roger Oakley (Con); e-mail:

Worthing Pier Division

Cllr Michael Cloake (Con); e-mail:

Worthing West Division

Cllr Paul High (Con); e-mail:


Worthing Borough Council


Cllr Paul Baker (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Margaret Howard (Lab); e-mail:

Cllr Dawn Smith (Lab); e-mail:

Castle Ward

Cllr Karen Harman (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Lionel Harman (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Steve Wills (Con); e-mail:

Central Ward

Cllr Jim Deen (Lab); e-mail:

Cllr Sally Smith (Lab); e-mail:

Cllr Paul Westover (Con); e-mail:

Durrington Ward

Cllr Charles James (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Jane Sim (Con); e-mail:

Goring Ward

Cllr Roy Barraclough (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Nicola Waight (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Steve Waight (Con); e-mail:

Heene Ward

Cllr Paul High (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Richard Mulholland (Lab); e-mail:

Cllr Helen Silman (Lab); e-mail:

Marine Ward

Cllr Rebecca Cooper (Lab); e-mail:

Cllr Edward Crouch (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Tim Wills (Con); e-mail:

Northbrook Ward

Cllr Sean McDonald (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Mark Withers (UKIP); e-mail:

Salvington Ward

Cllr Noel Atkins (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Antony Baker (Ind); e-mail:

Cllr Dr. Heather Mercer (Con); e-mail:

Tarring Ward

Cllr Martin McCabe (LibDem); e-mail:

Cllr Robert Smytherman (LibDem); e-mail:

Cllr Hazel Thorpe (LibDem); e-mail:


Arun District Council

East Preston Ward

Cllr Richard Bower (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Terence Chapman (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Paul Kelly (Con); e-mail:

Ferring Ward

Cllr Roger Elkins (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Colin Oliver-Redgate (Con); e-mail:

Rustington East Ward

Cllr Alison Cooper (Con); e-mail:

Cllr Shaun Gunner (Con); e-mail:

Rustington West Ward

Cllr Jamie Bennett (LibDem); e-mail:

Cllr Pauline Gregory (LibDem); e-mail:

Cllr Will Tilbrook (LibDem); e-mail:


Please feel free to call me at the number below if you would like to discuss this campaign. If you would prefer not to participate or receive any further communications on this or other topics, please reply to this e-mail stating so.


With gratitude in anticipation of your help,


Yours sincerely,