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Mission Statement

The website targets key aspects of the corporate globalist ‘New World Order’ agenda that aims to destroy nation states, the rule of law, all societal norms and to subjugate all humankind in a global dictatorship.

To provide online information, links and downloadable, printable resources on freedom/truth/justice-related subjects, to enable activists to conduct their own well-resourced and professional local campaigns.


The idea for this website arose after I designed a business card and a flyer to promote the UK Column, Britain’s premier online alternative news outlet. The UK Column, supported entirely by members and donations, operates on a shoestring budget and they didn’t have the spare cycles to incorporate the artworks into their website. It then occurred to me that there were other issues I’d like to expose to public scrutiny, such as 5G, vaccine safety/efficacy and water fluoridation, and that these and other issues could do with a common home on the web. Hence this site was born. The UKC resources are also hosted at the New Chartist Movement website.

Campaign Focus