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This leaflet tells the shocking truth about COVID-19

Coronavirus & the COVID-19 ‘Plandemic’

The official narrative and response to the COVID-19 so-called ‘pandemic’ are both deeply flawed. The statistics have been deliberately inflated and the models and tests are inaccurate, inconsistent and unfit for purpose. Eminent virologists and epidemiologists are saying that there is actually no pandemic at all and that the restrictions imposed are out of all proportion to the risks. The restrictions have been extremely damaging to the economy, public health, human rights and civil liberties, and the medical response amounts to malpractice, with tens of thousands of ‘lockdown deaths’ far outweighing the true deaths from the virus itself.

We are witnessing the emergence of a global Fascist dictatorship intent on stripping us of our rights and freedoms, yet the average person on the street seems oblivious to this, continues to believe the official narrative and to obey the increasingly absurd dictates of an illegitimate Government.

This double-sided full colour A5 leaflet has the following objectives:

  1. state the case against the Government's COVID-19 narrative and lockdown response;
  2. explain the broader context of a global power grab against human rights and freedoms;
  3. encourage people to withdraw their consent and resist the restrictions;
  4. offer a defence against COVID-19 restrictions such as mandatory face covering, social distancing, testing and vaccination;
  5. encourage people to forsake TV, controlled media, disbelieve the lies, do their own research.

References Coronavirus.pdf Coronavirus.pdf

Download artwork:

COVID-19 Leaflet - 2mm bleed

Face Covering Exemption Card

The scientific evidence for mask efficacy is scant to say the least, and it is in fact well established that wearing masks for extended periods can be dangerous to health, causing hypercapnia, hypoxia, skin rashes, fungal and bacterial respiratory tract infections, immune suppression, and other conditions. For these reasons many countries have not imposed a ‘muzzle mandate’. In those which have, the true reason for the requirement to wear one would appear to be more to do with obedience conditioning than any public health benefit.

In the United Kingdom there are several categories of exemption, including ‘wearing a mask causes severe distress’. If one has concluded that the muzzle mandate is to condition people into making gestures of submission to an emerging fascist dictatorship and that it is therefore one’s absolute moral duty to resist such tyranny by acts of civil disobedience, it is reasonable to assert that acquiescence to the demand to wear a mask would be to act against the dictates of one’s conscience, thereby causing feelings of severe distress.

This exemption card provides a clear statement that the bearer is exempt from wearing a face covering and is based on the official Government design. The reverse side states the permissible grounds for exemptions and lists limitations on enforcement. The card is 85 mm x 54 mm in size and is intended to be printed 10 up on A4 micro-perforated business card stock, available from W H Smith. Laminated and guillotined they look official.

Face Covering Exemption Cards.pdf Face Covering Exemption Cards.pdf

Download artwork:

Face Covering Exemption Card - A4 10 up

Covid censored version - Zac Cox.pdf

Covid-19 The TRUTH Behind the Headlines by Dr Zac Cox

Dr Zac Cox offers this comprehensive analysis of the COVID-19 situation and the Government’s response to it. A damning indictment of the catalogue of lies, disinformation and indefensible policy decisions emanating from an administration that is demonstrably no longer serving the public interest. Well researched and well supported by references.

Download PDF document:

Covid-19 The TRUTH behind the headlines

COVID-19 is a FRAUD - poster.pdf COVID-19 is a FRAUD - poster.pdf COVID-19 is a PRETEXT - poster.pdf

Download A2 placard artwork:

COVID-1984 is a FRAUD - no bleed

Download A2 placard artwork:

COVID-1984 is a PRETEXT - no bleed


Covid-19 RNA Vaccines by Dr Karl Cox

Dr Karl Cox offers this comprehensive analysis of the COVID-19 RNA vaccine research and asks the all-important question: SARS-CoV-2 genetically engineered mRNA vaccines: should you get one? Thought provoking, well researched and well supported by references.

Download PDF document:

RNA Vaccines

RNA vaccines_20200918_updated - Karl Cox.pdf