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Home Logo and link for The Great Rising WiFi & 5G

WiFi & 5G—flyer & references

Deep State Globalism

Deep State Globalism (New World Order)—summary document

UK Column

UK Column—flyer and business cards

New Chartist Movement Vaccine Safety & Efficacy Water Fluoridation

New Chartist Movement—flyer & references

Vaccine Safety & Efficacy—flyer & references

Water Fluoridation—flyer & references

Effective campaign literature must be at once succinct and punchy yet backed by a solid evidential base. These leaflets contain references to additional links that are also shown on the child pages here.


This website offers a variety of resources for the following campaigns.


Coronavirus flyer & other resources

Smart Meters

Smart Meters—flyer & references

The Docherty Documents

The Docherty Documents

Posters, Placards & T-Shirts

Various posters & placards

Central Bank Digital Currency

Central Bank Digital Currency—flyer & references

Climate Science

The Great Climate Hoax—flyer, references and database