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This leaflet tells the scientific truth about vaccines, to enable people to make informed choices.

Vaccine Safety & Efficacy

People are told that vaccines are safe and effective and that to protect public health, widespread vaccination with an ever-increasing schedule of vaccines is essential. We trust the advice our GPs give us and we trust that the government agencies responsible for recommending vaccines do so on the basis of rigorous scientific research establishing the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

However, the situation turns out to be rather less straightforward than one would wish. Although highly qualified in medicine, most GPs have never received training in medical research, are not qualified to assess the validity of scientific research papers, and in any case generally get their vaccine information not from scientific papers but from pharmaceutical corporations and government agencies. Vaccine studies are often funded by big pharmaceutical corporations, who have major influence over the design of these studies. The ‘revolving doors’ between such companies and government regulatory agencies undermine the impartiality and credibility of these studies.

Then there are problems with the research itself, too. Safety studies that ought to have been done haven’t been and many of those that have turn out to be fundamentally flawed to the extent that they constitute outright fraud. Like any medicine, vaccines are unavoidably unsafe but disturbingly, safety issues have been covered up. Some efficacy studies show such low levels of protection and immunological persistence as to render the vaccines worthless on a cost-risk-benefit basis.

The Supreme Court’s 2015 ‘Montgomery Ruling’ further strengthens the legal principle of informed consent; that is, doctors must now ensure that patients are aware of any ‘material risks’ involved in a proposed treatment, and of reasonable alternatives. Despite this, most doctors and health practitioners are still unaware of the material risks of vaccination and thus routinely violate the legal rights of their patients.

For these reasons we provide here a downloadable A5 flyer identifying the main issues with the conventional vaccine narrative. The References button below substantiates all medical claims with scientific evidence.

There is also a Microsoft Access database and derived Excel spreadsheet summarising 396 scientific research papers published across 229 international medical research journals. These papers document 101 adverse effects of 36 vaccines and were extracted from abstracts available on the US National Library of Medicine. The unique ‘PubMed Identifier’ for each paper is shown - see the instructions at the foot of the spreadsheet in cell C107 for looking up the paper on the Internet.

There is also a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet showing the ingredients of the vaccines in the 2017 UK Vaccine Schedule.


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Vaccine Research spreadsheet (Excel)

Vaccine Research spreadsheet (PDF)

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UK Vaccine Schedule 2017 (Excel)

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Vaccine Research Database (Access)