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This leaflet tells the scientific truth about water fluoridation

Water Fluoridation

Fluorides are naturally occurring salts of fluorine, a highly reactive and toxic chemical element related to iodine and chlorine (halogens). A varying amount of fluoride is naturally present in the ground water of some areas as a consequence of local geology. Dental authorities believe that fluoride in drinking water reduces the incidence of dental caries (cavities) and in some parts of the UK, drinking water is artificially fluoridated to achieve this effect. In early 2018, a leaked document revealed that the government is considering mandatory water fluoridation throughout the country.

Public Health England extols the virtues of fluoridation on the incidence of dental caries and makes weak claims for other possible health benefits.

Opponents of government-mandated fluoridation point out that this is forced medication, which violates the fundamental health principle of informed consent. Certainly, chlorine is already added to tap water but for a fundamentally different reason - to prevent the growth of harmful water-borne pathogens. Moreover, fluoride is a known toxin with a number of undesirable side-effects.

This A5 leaflet presents the reasons why we should resist the government’s attempt forcibly to medicate us with a toxic substance with known deleterious side effects.


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Water Fluoridation - 1mm bleed