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This leaflet reveals the lies and deception of climate science

Exposing Climate Change Deception

It is clear that human activity can have a myriad of adverse environmental and ecological impacts including pollution, deforestation, habitat/biodiversity loss and resource depletion, to name but a few. Efforts to address these serious problems are commendable and necessary.

We are constantly bombarded with claims about an impending climate crisis, and told that human activity is to blame. The 'anthropogenic global warming' (AGW) hypothesis posits that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are contributing to a ‘greenhouse effect’ that is causing the planet to heat up. We are told that 97% of climate scientists subscribe to this view and that ‘the science is settled’. These claims, however, are not based on facts.

The policy proposed by authoritarian global governance is ‘Net Zero’—reduction of CO2 emissions and replacement of fossil fuel use with ‘clean, renewable’ energy. Solar radiation management, carbon capture, carbon taxation and emission trading schemes are being implemented around the globe. They want us to eat bugs instead of meat. We are expected to submit to increasingly drastic measures that will not only have dire socio-economic consequences but which will greatly impact our way of life, and erode our personal rights and freedoms, passing power and control to unelected, unaccountable supranational bodies such as the United Nations, World Health Organisation, World Economic Forum and Bank for International Settlements.

This double-sided, full colour A5 leaflet outlines these issues and proposes ways for people to raise awareness, promote discussion and improve societal ‘climate intelligence’.


Download PDF artwork:

Climate Leaflet - 2mm bleed

Our own research reveals that the frequently touted 'scientific consensus' does not in fact exist, and that a large number of eminent academics and scientists vigorously dispute the orthodox climate narrative on a variety of well-founded grounds. ‘Climate sceptic/contrarian’ claims include the following:

We have published some documents which provide details of the scientists and the science:

Our Findings

Climate Sceptics Overview

Climate Sceptic Scientists (complete)

Climate Science Bibliography

The information in the above documents all resides in a database that is also available online through a web app that supports interactive querying of the lists of climate sceptic scientists, their peer-reviewed climate science, various climate declarations and petitions, and quotations, and to explore the relationships between them.

Visit the climate science web app

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Our Climate Science Database & Web App

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Climate Sceptic Scientists (top twenty-ish)

Climate Sceptic Scientists (ex-IPCC)