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Submit RF Meter Readings

The Legal Action Against 5G campaign is inviting campaigners to submit radio frequency (RF) meter readings taken in the vicinity of telecommunication masts, antennae and other installations. The purpose of this is to get an idea of typical levels in such places and to assess the extent to which installations might pose environmental or health threats. The form below allows you to enter batches of up to five readings.


A variety of RF/EMF meters are available, varying widely in cost and capabilities. Some measure just microwave power density and/or field strength, others can also measure electric and magnetic fields. All have limits on the minimum and maximum frequencies and minimum and maximum power density / field strength they can measure. For our purposes we are only interested in RF power density and RF field strength measurements. Power density is the power per unit area and is typically measured in milliWatts per square metre (mW/m2), whereas field strength is the electric field per unit length and is typically measured in Volts per metre (V/m). Power density is more relevant to thermal effects and field strength more relevant to non-thermal effects.



You’ll need to enter the location where each reading was taken. You can do this in one of four ways:

Lyons Farm Retail Park

Lyons Way


BN14 9FN

Measuring RF Power Density / Field Strength

Photo/Video Recording

Filling the Form

Once you have read and inwardly digested these instructions, click the ‘Open the form’ button at the foot of this page—the form will open in a new tab/window.

The form was created with Google Forms and to use it you must sign into a Google account. If you have multiple Google accounts, check which one is shown towards the top of the form and switch account if necessary. If you do not already have a Google account, you can create one when prompted using either a new or existing Gmail address or some other e-mail address that you already own, in which case you will receive an e-mail to confirm that you have access to that address.

Header Section

The form below has a header section for entering contact and group details. There are some terms & conditions to which you must agree before the form can be submitted. There is also a general “Comments” field to cover the set of readings. In the “Meter model” field, be sure to enter the complete make and model including any identifying code, e.g., “Cornet ED85EXS” or “Acoustimeter AM-10” rather than just “Cornet” or “Acoustimeter”.

Reading Sections

The form has space for up to five readings, each of which has its own section. The first reading is mandatory and is always shown. At the end of the first four sections you are asked whether you wish to enter another reading. Each reading section has fields for the date, time and location at which the reading was taken, the proximity of the reading to the mast, antenna or equipment and the number of Wi-Fi networks detectable. Then there are fields for the power density and/or field strength, depending on your meter’s capabilities—some can measure both simultaneously. Finally, there is a means to upload a photograph or video, and a Description field for notes specific to that photograph / video / reading.

Submit Section

The final section contains a button for submitting the readings. If you have entered anything incorrectly, the fields with errors will be highlighted.

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