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Upload Planning Authority ‘Ignorances’

The Legal Action Against 5G campaign is collecting examples of submissions to and responses from local authorities, councillors, MPs, etc. in respect of the safety of electromagnetic radiation emitted by radio frequency telecommunications equipment. Such submissions range from expressions of concern about the impacts of RF radiation and 5G in particular upon living systems, to responses to local-authority initiated consultations, to objections to a mast / antenna planning application, Freedom of Information requests, Notices of Liability, and other interactions.

Responses are typified by denial of non-thermal effects, rote mantras about PHE guidance and ICNIRP guidelines, and other forms of ignorance including totally ignoring the original submission, hence the term ‘ignorances’, which we coined to cover the foregoing.

The form below can be used to upload details of your experience of dealing with your local authority.

Filling the Form

Once you have read and inwardly digested these instructions, click the ‘Open the form’ button at the foot of this page—the form will open in a new tab/window.

The form was created with Google Forms and to use it you must sign into a Google account. If you have multiple Google accounts, check which one is shown towards the top of the form and switch account if necessary. If you do not already have a Google account, you can create one when prompted using either a new or existing Gmail address or some other e-mail address that you already own, in which case you will receive an e-mail to confirm that you have access to that address.

Header Section

The first page captures your contact details, geographical location and campaign group affiliation, if any.

Case Details Section

The second page captures details about the planning authority and the officials and members contacted during the campaign. It also captures the start and end dates, outcome and case summary.

Submissions & Responses Section

The third page captures details of interactions and provides the means to upload submissions sent to the authority and responses received from the authority/councillor/MP.

If possible, please submit documents, letters, emails, etc. in PDF format rather than word-processor formats such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice files. Most word-processor and desktop publishing applications allow you to save a file in PDF format, and on Windows 10 you also have the option of printing to the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ printer.

Options & Submit Section

The fourth page provides some privacy and contact options and allows the user to submit all data entered and files uploaded during the session.

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